EWSD digital telephone exchange

Inventory number: T99 2/16/3
Year of creation: 1991
Maker: Siemens AG
Location: Hall 2

In 1990 a system selection tender was invited in terms of the new telephone exchanges, the purpose of which was to select new telephone exchanges that are suitable both from technical viewpoint and from the aspect of price. The EWDS exchange of SIEMENS company was one of the winners of the tender and it determined the direction of further development for a long run. The EWSD (Elektronisch Wahl-System Digitalisch) is a so called Stored Program Controlled (SPC), electronic, digital switching system. Like the other digital SPC exchanges, it contains electronic elements in the switching field, the control, and the monitoring, as well. These electronic parts consist of elements of semiconductor technology, thus the EWDS switching system does not contain any electro-mechanic elements (that is, elements subject to wear), and its signalling system is advanced (e.g. No. 7).Under stored program control, pre-specified control operations are meant, that are performed according to need, and which operations are selected out of the control steps pre-programmed in advance. In the digital exchange, the call set up considerably differs from that in the earlier, indirect controlled, electro-mechanical exchanges; here the control completely sets up the voice route and connects the subscriber circuits thereafter only.

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