ADS digital telephone exchange

Inventory number: T99 2/16/1
Year of creation: 1989
Maker: Kapsch - Schrack / Austrian Telecom
Location: Hall 2

At the beginning of the '80s, the demand grew continuously for the telecommunications services that were more advanced than the actual ones and could not be satisfied by the telephone exchange network existing at that time. As a result of long negotiations, the Austrian and the Hungarian governments agreed in contracting with the Austrian-based Austria Telecommunication (Kapsch and Schrack) company and for shipment of electronic SPC exchanges. In the digital electronic system type ADS (Austrian Digital System manufactured based on the license granted by the Canadian Northern Telecom) the switching field, the control and monitoring consist of electronic elements only. Its incoming and outgoing circuits can be well connected to both analogue and digital network elements, and it also has an advanced signalling system. The ADS switching system is properly matched to the telephone exchanges of the existing and operating exchange network, moreover it has telephone exchange of proper type or remote switching unit (RSU) (RSU switching diagram) for each plane of the network. The switching system is suitable for providing the local, transit (local and long-distance), and RSU functions, the capacities that can be built in considerably exceed the capacity of the electro-mechanic exchanges, that is, it provides an economic solution in general. As in case of each digital exchange, the required system support is available for software maintenance and for screening out the possible faults. The first ADS exchange system - as the first domestic digital exchange system - was put in operation in Szombathely and in its vicinity (in 1989). Then, ADS exchanges were put in operation in several places - in Sopron, Budafok, Székesfehérvár, and in their vicinity. Except for the first years of the '90s, no additional capacity increase was performed in the ADS exchange system.

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