Mobile networks operating in Hungary

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The first mobile network was operating at 450 MHz, was of NMT (Nordic Mobile Telephone) system, and was called analogue network. It was analogue to the extent that the radio channels between the subscriber set and the base station were analogue while the other elements of the system were digital. The network was operated by Westel Rádiótelefon Kft. (Westel 450) from 15 October 1990 through 30 June 2003. In the figures the first mobile telephone sets - <<888>>Ericsson Hot-Line<> and <<889>>Motorola Associate 2000<> - are shown. In 1994 two GSM (Global System for Mobile Telecommunication) networks were established in the 900 MHz range, operated by Pannon GSM Távközlési Rt. and Westel 900 GSM Mobil Távközlési Rt. Our latest mobile network is Vodafone, operated in the 1,800 MHz band by V. R. A. M. Távközlési Rt. since 1 December 1999.

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  • Mobile networks operating in Hungary

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