Manual CB system

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The CB (Central Battery) telephone system opened a new era, by powering the microphone from the central current source of the telephone exchange. This solution disburdened the subscribers of the disadvantages of the conventional LB system, i.e. of the maintenance of the local battery (LB) and of the encumbrances of the inductor-based call. However the switching itself has remained the task of the operators. In Budapest, the first CB exchange, the "<<895>>Teréz<>", started functioning in 1904 with 10,000 subscribers. But because the subscriber requirements could not be satisfied by the expansion to 18,000 subscribers, the construction of a new exchange became an imperative need. The inauguration of the "<<896>>József<>" exchange envisaged for 1914 could take place - due to the World War I - behind schedule, on June 15, 1917.

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