CB manual exchange schematic diagram

Inventory number: T99 1/8/3
Location: Hall 1

When starting a call, the subscriber (E1) lifts the handset, the relay (Fj1) pertaining to the subscriber line operates and the lamp (FI1) lights up. The operator perceiving the light enters with the connection jack (Kd) and the lamp goes off. The operator, placing the monitoring jack into position J, speaks to the calling party. When required the operator introduces the connection jack (Öd) into the sleeve of the called station (E2). After answering of the called party, the operator switches the monitoring key into basic position, thus connecting the two parties. At the end of the call, the handset in on-hook position interrupts the circuit of Fj1 and Fj2, the relays release and close the circuit of the end-of-call lamps (BvI1, BvI2). The lights warn the operator, who releases the connection.

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