LB telephone exchange schematic diagram

Inventory number: T99 1/5/3
Location: Hall 1

The subscriber (E1) originates the call by turning the inductor of the <<870>>LB telephone set<>. The call indicator relay (Hjl) relating to the subscriber line in the <<871>>LB exchange<> operates, which is indicated by falling of the so-called <<862>>drop indicator relay<>. Perceiving this, the operator introduces the answering plug into the calling socket and then, while placing the monitoring key into the left-hand position, connects her own set to the caller's line. The calling party announces the connection number of the called party to the operator, who introduces the connection jack belonging to the answering plug into the sleeve of the called station and calls up the called station (E2) by placing the monitoring plug into the call-up position. After answering of the called party, the operator switches the key into basic position, thus connecting the two parties. At the end of the conversation the calling party turns the inductor, by which the ring-off relay (Lj) operates and the drop - signaling the end of the connection - dips down. Viewing this, the operator releases the connection.

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