Tivadar Puskás (1844-1893)

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Tivadar Puskás worked in Edison's Menlo Park laboratory from autumn 1876 till summer 1877, and was subsequently appointed European representative of the Edison Company. In London, he promoted the phonograph by staging numerous presentations and shows. In 1878 he moved his seat to Paris where he directed the construction work of the first Paris telephone network. Since he was too busy, the European Edison Telephone Company appointed in his stead his brother Ferenc to act as representative for Austria-Hungary. When Ferenc Puskás fell ill, Tivadar Puskás took over the completed Budapest telephone network in 1883, but was forced to give it into state ownership in 1887 because of his debts, retaining, however, the position of director of Tivadar Puskás's Rental Company of the Budapest State Telephone Network. In 1888 and 1889 he made new improvements to the network. In 1892 he took out patents in 18 countries on his Telephone News Service (Telefonhírmondó) called "New procedure for the organization and establishment of telephone news service". The Budapest Telephone News Service started commercial operation on February 15, 1893. On March 16 the inventor Tivadar Puskás died suddenly.

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