Gábor Baross (1848-1892)

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On March 30, 1883 Gábor Baross was appointed secretary of state, and on December 30, 1886 minister at the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. Baross considered the telephone an extremely important invention. The years following its introduction in Hungary convinced him that it was the task of the state to create a public network. He bought the Budapest telephone network in 1887 from the hopelessly indebted Tivadar Puskás. The agreement between the Hungarian state and Tivadar Puskás had favorable impact on the development of the network. In 1888, in Act XXXI Gábor Baross declared the establishment and operation of telegraph offices, telephone and other electric equipment to be a state monopoly. On June 13, 1889 at the council of ministers' meeting he unveiled the plans for establishment of telephone connection between Budapest and Vienna. By constructing a 262 km long telephone line, he created important business opportunities for Hungarian industry. The three lines ready were opened to commercial traffic at midnight on December 31, 1889. Archives of Post and Telegraph Office Orders. Franz Josef's document of approval.

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  • Gábor Baross (1848-1892)

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