CB 667 telephone set

Inventory number: T16 D.78.0.
Year of creation: 1967
Maker: Telefongyár
Location: Hall 1

The casing and the handset are made of a glossy thermoplastic material. The telephone cord and the handset cord are covered with PVC. The lead wire have PVC insulation as well. The handset spiral cord ensures ease of use and long lifecycle. The single-coil alternating-current ringer and the condenser are mounted on the PCB base plate. At the rear of the base plate, the screwed mounting plate provides for the connection of the cords, and above it, the lever activating the cradle springs is to be found. The dial within the casing is protected by a transparent dust cap. The receiver of the handset is a reed-type inset receiver. The two selenium rectifiers connected parallel to the receiver provide the means of protecting against the shocking sound effects produced by the potential pulses.

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