The last dismounted LB II./7 sub-exchange

Inventory number: T16 97.7.0.
Year of creation: 1960
Location: Hall 3

The exchange type II/7 was deinstalled in Olcsvaapáti at the end of 1996. In its original construction, it was suitable to switch 2 transit circuits and 5 subscriber lines. The photo already shows the exchange with expansion by two additional local calling units that have 4 cord circuits. The signal-bell is on the top of the wall-mounted exchange, the handset is on its left hand side and the inductor is on the right hand side. On the left hand side of the forefront, there are 4 clearing signaller, 7 local call signaller and seven connecting jacks; on its right hand side 2 long-distance call signaller, 2 monitoring keys, as well as two plus two connecting jacks. The connecting cords are on the lower part of the exchange.

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