Main distribution frame

Inventory number: T16 92.88.0.
Year of creation: 1928
Maker: Standard Villamossági Rt.
Location: Hall 1

The main distribution frame is an open-profile iron construction, with <<824>>vertical cable soldering strips<> (line-side) on the one side and <<827>>horizontal soldering pins and separating strips<> (exchange-side) on the other. The vertical soldering strips take up the switch cables from the distribution joints. The soldering strips are made up of groups of 20 pairs each. They provide protection against overvoltages and overcurrents. Every wire pair is equipped with 2 short and 2 long springs. There is a permanent current fuse between each of the short and long springs (thermal spindle) and two carbon-plate voltage catches between each of the long springs and the earthed base. Blown-out fuses are indicated by alarm signals on top of the strips. The <<826>>vertical side<> of the distribution frame features the separating strips and the soldering pins, from which the cables are connected to the exchange. The separating strips themselves present also a 20-pair unit. The upper connection of the spring assembly is the line side, which is connected by an impregnated cable to the main-distribution-frame soldering strip. The lower terminal is connected to the switches, by means of the soldering pin strips of the load distributor. At the separating strip, the line can be separated from the switch-side by introducing a two-pin wooden plug.

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