CB 555 telephone set

Inventory number: T16 84.9.0.
Year of creation: 1955
Maker: Beloiannisz Híradástechnikai Gyár
Location: 1. terem

The base plate of the telephone is made of metal and the casing of bakelite. The dial fits well into the casing, and the digits are arranged on the circular ring surrounding the dial. The base plate accommodates the single-coil telephone ringer and the so-called "panel box", containing the induction coil, the condenser and the interference filter. It has no internal cabling, because the handset, telephone cord and the dial are connected directly to the panel box. An inset receiver and the new version of inset transmitter are mounted in the handset. The acoustic space present below and above the membrane of the handset receiver provides for a balanced characteristic. The exceptionally sensitive new microphone, covering a wide frequency range, is made in a damp-free design. The handset cord has three wires. The line branches are connected through a three-pin plug and a twin-core cord.

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