CB 35 telephone set

Inventory number: T16 84.8.0.
Year of creation: 1935
Maker: Standard Villamossági Rt.
Location: Hall 1

The increased phoning needs have led to the development of a telephone set that had a better speech quality than the former CB 24, was to manufacture in a more cost efficient and to maintain in a simpler way. The base plate of the CB 35 telephone is made of metal and the casing of bakelite. The base plate accommodates the telephone ringer, the automatic switch spring group, the induction coil, the ringing circuit condenser and the interference filter. The microphone and the receiver can be replaced, and the contacts of the calling dial is protected by a spark killer. The sensitivity of the microphone could be improved by using the light and thin aluminum membrane and the graphite. To reduce the side-tone, the microphone and the receiver is connected in a three-coil electric balance.

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