LB 24 telephone set

Inventory number: T16 84.39.0.
Year of creation: 1924
Maker: Telefongyár Rt.
Location: Hall 1

Metal box LB telephone set - both for wall-mounted and desk use - that has been first manufactured in a large series. The inductor, the induction coil and the connection terminals are located on the bottom plate. The ringer, the springs of the automatic switch are mounted inside, the bells, the automatic cradle structure and the inductor crank outside the box. The elements are all changeable and fixed by means of bolts. The telephone set is connected by a 5-wire cord to the apparatus switch (2 connected to the line, 2 to the battery and the 5th wire to an optional extra ringer, respectively). The local battery (LB) is mounted in an standalone battery compartment.

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