Bell's telephone

Inventory number: T16 83.7.1.
Year of creation: 1877
Location: Hall 1

The first "telephone" which also proved operable in the practice has been constructed and patented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Bell's telephone operated on the magnetic principle. The same instrument, the forerunner of today's handset , integrated the functions of a mike and a receiver. With this, it has been very troublesome to speak to somebody over the phone because again and again this instrument was to be held either to one's ear or mouth. An example of the apparatus displayed on the Philadelphia World Exhibition was able to cover some kilometers only. A 140 mm long cylindrical shaft made of brass accommodates the horseshoe magnet, the poles of which are connected to soft iron shoes. The coils are mounted on them, with the membrane in front. It does not need any electric supply.

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