Long-distance lead-in cable distribution head

Inventory number: T16 2005.7.1.
Year of creation: 1890
Location: Arcade

Construction of the Hungarian telegraph and long-distance telephone lines launched in an aerial wire system in the second half of the last century (telegraph) and at the end of the century (telephone). By the middle of the '50s, this constituted the overwhelming majority of our long-distance telephone networks. The major part of the aerial wire routes was constructed alongside the railways. In the case of greater number of circuits, the telegraph offices and the telephone exchanges of the town were reached by lead-in cables drawn into underground cable ducts. The conductors of the aerial wires and lead-in cables were connected to one other by insertion of a cable-end piece. The cable-end piece was installed either in a cable booth or in the lead-in cable duct. The cable-end piece shown here was built in a cable duct in Mátyás Square, near to the Józsefváros railway station, mounted with suspension on the duct cover.

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