Optical distribution frame

Inventory number: T16 2000.45.0.
Year of creation: 1992
Maker: Pirelli Cables, Newport
Location: Hall 1

The "Servocavi" type distribution frame of Pirelli is designed to terminate the optical cables. It is a modular, 2600 mm high construction. Its main elements are: A cable splice subrack for 60 optical fibers 5 terminal subracks for 12 optical fibers A maximum of 60 optical fibers can be spliced to the frame. The cable splice subrack houses 10 welding cassettes, in two groups of five. The protection of the welds is ensured by heat-shrinking sleeves. On each the terminal unit, 12 FC/PC type optical connectors and a "D" type connector extension can be implemented. The connector extensions are mounted on the front of the subracks. The individual connection points can be identified by means of removable sliding labels.

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