Cable pulling into duct tube opening

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The function of the local underground cable network is to establish the line between the telephone exchange and the subscriber set, moreover to establish connecting lines among the exchanges in multiexchange local networks. Its main feature is that most of the network is built of so called draw-in cables laid in concrete or plastic duct tube networks. Until 1990, exclusively metal conductor cables (copper, and aluminum in smaller quantity) were used. Then, the connections among the telephone exchanges of the multiexchange networks, and later also the subscriber's main cables were built of optical cables. Domestic long-distance cables were constructed between the capital city and the region centers, county towns, and the bigger towns, and international long distance cables were constructed between the capital city and the foreign telephone exchanges. On long-distance sections armored cables were laid down and on the town passage sections drawing-in cables were used in the duct tubes. On long-distance sections, the cable joints protected by joint protecting sleeve made of concrete or cast iron were prepared in joint pits open for the working then buried.

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