Telephone exchange starting roof console

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<<847>>Overground local network<>: the totality of aerial wire, aerial cable or wall cable lines, individual wires and suspension mounts constructed to the telephone subscriber stations within a town or settlement. The overground networks consist of lines constructed of metal wires (iron, bronze, stranded aluminum wires). This network system has been applied since the outset (1881, opening of the telephone exchange in Budapest) even until now, adjusted to the local features. <<848>>The overground long-distance network<> consisted of aerial wire pole routes meshing the entire country. The lines were constructed for the purpose of metal conductor long-distance connection between the telephone exchanges of the towns and villages. The first large long-distance aerial wire telephone line was constructed between Budapest and Vienna in 1889. The conductor material of network lines was bronze and iron wire, as well as stranded aluminum wire. In the '90s, several long-distance aerial optical cable lines were also constructed.

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  • Telephone exchange starting roof console

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