Opening times:

Tuesday: 9:00 – 13:00

Thursday: 14:00 – 18:00

General rules in the library:

The special library of the Post Museum is not accessible for the public and requires a check-in for researchers to be able to visit the institute during regular opening times. Using the library is free of charge.

Book lending is not possible, documents can only be used and read at the library.


Museum workers and other researchers may make photocopies of the library’s documents, with the exception of the ones listed underneath. The fee for this service is 15 Ft per A4 pages. Unfortunately, it is not possible to produce coloured or A3 size photocopies.

In order to protect the collection, no photocopies can be made of:

  • items from the antique collection;
  • other antique volumes, periodicals and library documents before 1867, which require constant maintenance and care;
  • library documents dating after 1867, where the items are not antique, but the collection usually contains only a single volume of them, or a restoration is required due to their bad condition.

Digital photographs

Researchers can make digital photographs of the above mentioned documents with a permit (which has to be attached to the research report), using their own digital cameras. While making digital photos, a librarian has to be present and monitor the process. Researchers producing digital images with their own digital camera have to purchase a photo ticket at the museum’s reception desk for 400 Ft.

For researchers who can not make their own digital images, a digital photograph of each page can be requested at the library.

The fee for a 1:1 ratio photograph is 300 Ft per picture.

After the completion of the image, the produced digital pictures are stored on a CD, which the researcher can collect from the librarian after paying the production fee.

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