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The museum was opened on 1st of December, 1995 on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of starting the program broadcasting of the Hungarian Radio. The museum is located in the former broadcasting room of the radio station, and the attached small premises. Here we can learn the history of radio and television broadcasting, the history of development of the studios, the transmitters and receivers.

The advanced, computer-based information system - like an encyclopedia - provides additional information on the pictures of the exhibition. Voice recording equipment, cables, insulation units, and the catalogues of the receiver units displayed on the shelves are accommodated on the gallery of the hall. The adjoining corridor displays the relics of military communications, and radio amateurs.

Two rooms contain the experimental equipment of Dr. György Békésy - a physicist , member of the Academy of Sciences, Nobel Prize laureate, postal engineer - returned from the University of Hawaii. The next room contains the old installations from a studio and a technical room of the Hungarian Radio. Monuments to the outstanding personalities of Hungarian program broadcasting, important objects of broadcasting history, antennas, ground insulation, and spotlights can be seen in the garden of the museum.

A telescope is placed on the exhibition terrace of the garden, from where we can see the green Csepel Island behind the silver line of the Danube on the edge of the horizon, as well as the cigar-shaped mast - a protected industrial relic - located at Lakihegy, cradle of Hungarian radio program broadcasting.

Opening hours

The exhibition is open only on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10:00 to 16:00

For other informations please call : +36 20 971 7827


Adults: 600 Ft

Students/Pensioner: 300 Ft

Family: 1500 Ft

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